Snowcrest 450 Rigby

Colleen Reeder

Run Away Farms Strider

Reserve Supreme Champion

Cheryl Hart

2021 Christmas Cracker Dog Show Winners

Hart Farms Glory Be

Cheryl Hart

Hidden Acres Captain Morgan

Patty and Sara Podliska

Shingle Oak Bonnie Bell

Pattie Podliska

Under Rough Dogs


Over Rough Bitches

Inseguire Tyson

Kay Seawright

Huckle Hill Luke

Karen Crowley

Hart Farms Gracen

Cheryl Hart

Dog Puppies 6-12 MO

Conquest Kiwi

N Gaye Redpath Schaeper

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Over Smooth Dogs 

Puppies Under 6 Mo Bitches 

 Rabble Rouser Sassy Pants

Denise DeCosta

Conquest Bramble

Janon Frei

Huckle Hill Rain

Karen Crowley

Spitfire Cardi B

Stefanie Lafonte

Snowcrest Stag

Colleen Reeder

Snowcrest O'Dare 

Over all Supreme Champion

Colleen Reeder

Veteran Terriers

Windermere Porter

Doug and Sue Tack

Smooth Under Bitch

Hart Farms Search Engine

Cheryl Hart

Snowcrest Detonics

Colleen Reeder

Under Rough Bitches

Oak Leaf Pinky

Krissy Holley Peevers

 River Bottom Trader Joe

Jodi Bula Holly

Smooth Over Bitch


Over Rough Dogs

Dig Em Out Tweed

Janon Frei

SeaDog Jewels

Denise DeCosta

Working Terriers

 SeaDog Pretty Red

Denise DeCosta

Bitch Puppies 6-12 M0

Shavano Creek Jasmine

Ellie Thompson

Puppies Under 6 Mo Dogs