updated 02/15/2022


SeaDog Jack Russell Terriers

Welcome to SeaDog Terriers. My name is Denise, I live in Massachusetts, and have been involved with Jack Russell's for 15 years. 

 We have a small breeding program, which involves a few carefully planned litters a year. We strive for correct conformation, working abilities, temperament and most importantly a loving cherished pet. 

SeaDog Terriers is a registered kennel with the JRTCA and the JRTCC of Canada 

  All my dogs live in the home, and are cherished family members. 

All breeding stock are BAER and CERF normal. DNA tested for PLL, SCA and DM.

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or just Terrier talk


Email: seadogjrt@hotmail.com      Phone: 508-509-7021

​We are more than just a pretty face