SeaDog Treasure

Little Eden Chiller x Kimberwicke Fluffnutter


Rabble Rouser Sassy Pants

Venery Monty x Rabble Rouser Pinky 

SeaDog Jewels

SeaDog Stewie x SeaDog Jolie Rouge

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SeaDog Harmony

High Range Blade x Huckle Hill Symphony


Kimberwicke Fluffnutter

Kimberwicke Remix x Kimberwicke Pandora

( Rainbow Bridge)

The Grand Dam of SeaDog Girls

Kimberwicke Pandora

Billbridge NuKidNTown x Kimberwicke Stacy

(Rainbow Bridge)

SeaDog Pretty Red

SeaDog Stride x SeaDog Jolie Rouge


SeaDog Dritwood (Rosie)

Huckle Hill Rock On x SeaDog Treasure

Owned by Sara Fitz

Huckle Hill Symphony

Gone Away Remington x Huckle Hill Rhapsody


"Introducing Puppet"

SeaDog Jolie Rouge

Northgate Dylan x SeaDog Driftwood


SeaDog Jack Russell Terriers

"Our Girls"

Insequire Strike- a-Pose (Snookie)

Dig It Obsession x Insequire Calliope